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Many companies and consulting firms use Monte Carlo simulation in their Six Sigma training and analyses.  Palisade is proud to partner with these experts to promote the use of Monte Carlo simulation in DFSS, DMAIC, Lean and other Six Sigma areas.  The following companies include @RISK in their services, and Palisade recommends all of them for anyone seeking to help with implementing Six Sigma in their organizations.

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Consulting With Impact, Ltd.

Consulting With Impact, Ltd. provides continuous improvement solutions for small and mid-sized companies that help identify and move them toward their ideal state. The CWI toolset includes Lean, Six Sigma and Behavioral Management tools along with heavy doses of PCS (Plain Common Sense).

The process for tool selection, target definition and execution is uniquely designed for each client to maximize their targeted financial, cultural and customer-related returns. (For a recent 6 month period, clients experienced an 11.5X annualized return on investment for their consulting and training dollars.)
In addition to providing high impact consulting, Consulting With Impact also provides training and executive coaching for their clients. CWI consultant resources recently participated in the development and delivery of coursework for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt curricula at the college level and have adapted the material for delivery on site for companies requiring tailored Six Sigma training. And their consultants are currently pursuing certification through the International Coach Federation to provide best-in-class coaching solutions for clients to retain and maximize the contribution of key employees.

Clients are growing more sophisticated and their requirements more demanding. Many have gone through the basic changes in their process flows and are now ready for more company-wide systems integration projects. Others have reduced variation successfully at the lower levels, and are now facing the next level of projects involving issues that have had several unsuccessful attempts at resolution. Both of these paths can generate significant rewards but also expose the company and its transformation effort to significant risk. To address these needs, CWI recently partnered with Palisade Corporation to add the @RISK simulation and optimization suite to its product and consulting offerings. Whether generating a simulation to estimate the impact of a change on a customer or developing the optimum solution for nagging process issues, simulation reduces the risk and anxiety experienced by the client. The ease of applying the Palisade software suite allows both the consultant and the client to quickly see the best path and, just as important, demonstrate it for others including employees, senior management, customers and investors.

Companies in North America and Europe in a variety of manufacturing and service industries have benefited from the CWI transformation approach. If you would like more information or would like to see how the @RISK tools have been applied to CWI clients, visit the Consulting With Impact, Ltd. website at

Consulting With Impact, Ltd
Edward Biernat
Phone: +01 585 393 0276
Fax: +01 585 393 9220
68 Gorham Street, Suite 102
Canandaigua, NY 14424-1805



DEIVIN is a specialized global process engineering/productivity firm.
They offer productivity improvement consulting services as well as training for certification in simple and advanced process improvement methodologies such as Simple PI and Lean Six Sigma. As a premier process engineer training and consulting group, they aim to assist organizations and individuals on Driving Efficiency, Improving Value and Increasing Net Income.

Deisell M. Diaz, Partner & MBB
Phone: +1 305 663 3432
Mobile: +1 305-401-7410
Fax: +1 305-667-1715
5975 Sunset Drive, Suite 603
Miami, Fl. 33143


The Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Institute

Committed to developing future leaders and change agents to create improvements within any organization.
Teaching the scientific process of Six Sigma, we enable individuals and organizations to move from old paradigms into innovative ways to enhance speed, excellence and profitably. Founding director Scott Lasater is known as the 'guy who taught Six Sigma to Jack Welch' and advised Jeff Immelt on the Integration of Lean and Six Sigma while he led worldwide deployment for GE. Training at the Institute draws on the experiences and lessons that Scott learned from training over 5000 leaders worldwide from GE, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and more. Scott’s students collectively have saved more than $500 million for their organizations.

A Program of the TQM Network
The Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Institute is a program of the TQM Network. The TQM Network is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing timely, high value, synergistic learning opportunities to facilitate meaningful improvement in those we serve.

Craig Crook
Phone: +1 260 918 3029
Toll Free: +1 800 919 7690


William J. McKibbin, PhD, LLC

Dr. McKibbin is a solo practitioner with a keen focus on what matters most to healthy revenues.
Six Sigma focuses on how to target those few factors in your processes that are allowing variations and defects that detract from quality and performances. Using Six Sigma and other lean approaches, we can better align your business production goals with the requirements and expectations of your customers.

Dr William J McKibbin is a consultant to management specializing in strategic and operational planning, business modeling, risk analysis, financial engineering, systems integration, process design, project management, due diligence, turnarounds, executive coaching, and team leadership. Dr McKibbin's client list includes names such as Intel, Oracle, Chevron, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Pfeizer, Guggenheim Capital, and others. Dr McKibbin has been in professional practice serving companies, boards, and executives in various capacities as consultant, director, and interim management since 1998.

William J. McKibbin, PhD, LLC
Phone: +1 814 238 3100
455 Windmere Dr, Suite 3A
State College, PA 16801


MindSpring Coaching

MindSpring Coaching provides the coaching a mentoring for Champions and Sponsors. We have over 17 years each as practicing Master Black Belts (Motorola).
We also have a Lean Master (through Toyota Motors – Japan) who is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma. We have all worked as engineers and managers in manufacturing, research and design, software design and support, construction and healthcare. We do not limit our work to individuals working in a Lean Six Sigma arena but to any entrepreneur and manager looking to start a new company, and/or improve their organization’s results and achieving stretch goals.
We also provide mentoring to future Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts. We will stick with you through the entire improvement cycle. Training usually leaves you around Analyze or Improve … however one of the most important phases of a Six Sigma project is in the “Control” phase. We will be there from start to finish and guarantee lasting results. We can create, modify and support the interpretation of data using @RISK software.

Sandi Claudell
Phone: 503.848.5852
1971 SE 73rd Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97123


Rath & Strong

Rath & Strong uses @RISK Industrial for project selection, DFSS, inventory optimization, cost estimating, and more...
Now celebrating more than 70 years of pioneering process improvement innovations, today Rath & Strong is the leading global provider of Lean and Lean Six Sigma solutions. Rath & Strong’s clients include companies such as: Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Nortel, DHL, US Postal Services, UBS, and Schneider

Rath & Strong pioneered Lean methodology by helping bring this powerful concept to the West in the 1970’s. Rath & Strong was also a pioneer in Six Sigma when at Motorola, Rath & Strong consultants like Dorian Shainan helped clients Bill Smith and Bob Galvin develop what is now called Six Sigma. Today, Rath & Strong does leading work in Lean Six Sigma for companies worldwide.

Rath & Strong’s full solutions approach offering consulting, coaching, and training creates change that sticks and achieves significant quantifiable results and sustainable competitive advantage.

US: Augie Stagliano
Phone: +1 781 274 1454
45 Hayden Avenue
Suite 2700
Lexington, Massachusetts, 02421

UK: Matthew Gracie
Phone: +44 207 086 8366
11 Devonshire Square (4th Floor)
London EC2M 4YR


saiaswini consulting

saiaswini consulting, a budding startup based out of Bangalore India and primarily focused on IT Management Services and Consulting, is applying Risk Analysis and QC methods to help customers vastly improve IT Processes and Services.

The company's curriculum is based on individual client needs. The trainings are conducted applying the @RISK methodology from Palisade Corporation NY USA. A key application of @RISK is Six Sigma and quality analysis.

saiaswini training programs will focus on the DMAIC, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Lean projects, Design of Experiments (DOE), and other areas of uncertainty and variable which are the core of any Six Sigma analysis.

As an @RISK Six Sigma partner, saiaswini's charter is in applying @RISK to help customers make their IT services reliable and improve quality in a cost-efficient manner, which are challenges that each IT organization faces on a regular basis. Leading organizations in India and globally have dealt with this challenge using Six Sigma methodologies that drive quality while reducing defects and waste.

saiaswini's focus is on smaller companies where the problem has always been getting started with a Six Sigma program without a huge investment in training, consulting and internal resources.



Kameswar Nagavarapu V
President and Founder, saiaswini consulting,
#1 2nd Floor Banaswadi Main Road
Subbainapalya Extension,
Bangalore 560 033
Tel no.s 918042041261,62 and 63
Fax : 918042041258



Six Sigma Partnering LLC

Six Sigma Partnering delivers lean six sigma training, six sigma certification and six sigma consulting services to industry.
All training includes lean six sigma content. Lean Six sigma training services include both "live" classroom training or the unique six sigma online distance learning alternative. Six Sigma Partnering grants Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt Certification upon successful completion of the lean six sigma training. Total Quality Management (TQM) content is a subset of lean six sigma. Lean Six Sigma management consulting services focus on the needs of the customer and deliver bottom line break through improvement.


Six Sigma Partnering LLC
Glenn F. Byrnes

10054 Creek Bluff Drive
Tampa, Florida 33578
Phone: +1 813 506 8356




As the leading provider of Continuous Improvement and Knowledge Transfer solutions, SigmaFlow delivers standards, consistency, and productivity for company-wide process management, project management, project execution and governance.


Jim Henry

5068 West Plano Parkway
Suite 300
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: +1 800 663 0585
Fax: +1 972 692 7807


SixSigmaIn Team snc

The distinguishing feature of SixSigmaIn Team consists in the merging of competencies related to Statistical Problem Solving,  Business Intelligence Technologies, Tools Development  and Adult Learning .
SixSigmaIn Team provides  DFSS,  Design of Experiments, Tolerance Analysis advanced and customized trainings with the best statistical tools.
SixSigmaIn Team’s clients include the Italian locations of companies such as: Siemens VDO ( now Continental), Osram,  Cabot , EMA-Rolls Royce, FIMI-Philips, Diasorin and others. Franco and Maria Pia, founders of SixSigmaIn.It site, are the authors of some useful tools / models for an effective industrial application of statistical analysis. (automation).

SixSigmaIn Team snc
Maria Pia D'Ambrosio or Franco Anzani
Phone: +39 02 93591307
via Stradivari 7
20020 Lainate (MI) - Italy


Smarter Solutions Inc.

Smarter Solutions is a world class provider of Business Improvement Consulting. Smarter Solution’s approach is founded in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence system, a business process improvement system that expands upon the capabilities of previous disciplines, creating a no-nonsense measurement and improvement system that enables the three Rs of business – everyone doing the Right things, and doing them Right, at the Right time.
In order to support business improvement efforts, they have a record of excellence in the delivery of Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt training and education. The consulting and training involves a strong mixture of applications and theory work, which is supported through demonstrations and Monte-Carlo simulation work with software such as @RISK to support the theory.

Rick Haynes
Phone: 512-918-0280
Fax: 512-996-8318
11044 Research Blvd, Suite B-400, Austin Texas, 78759



Successful Statistics LLC

Successful Statistics LLC provides consulting and customized training in statistical tools for problem-solving, new product development, and Six Sigma applications.
Training products include Tolerance Design, Efficient Experiments (DOE), Statistical Problem Solving, and Design for Six Sigma. Training programs are customized for the unique needs for each client. Andy Sleeper, founder of Successful Statistics LLC, is the author of two books, Design for Six Sigma Statistics and Six Sigma Distribution Modeling, both published by McGraw-Hill.

Successful Statistics LLC
Andrew Sleeper
Phone: +1 970 420 0243
1502 Mathews Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524


Transformation Partners Company LLC

Transformation Partners has saved companies millions of dollars through Lean Six Sigma deployments.
Our services include; Training, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in Lean, Six Sigma, LSS, DFSS, DOE, TOC, and more. We can provide training on-site, in-house, or on-line. No job is too big or too small. We put our money where our mouth is with our 200% minimum ROI guarantee. Contact us for more details.

Transformation Partners Company LLC
Anwar El-Homsi, CEO
868 West Street Rd., #308
Warminster, PA 18974
Voice: 585.750.8203
Fax: 215.672.7790


XONITEK Corporation

XONITEK Corporation is a management and technologies consulting firm with a worldwide presence and a reputation for excelling in the optimization of business synchronization.
With extensive, global experience in lean, six-sigma, finance, logistics, manufacturing and general business processes, our expert consultants work to assess and understand the specific needs of the enterprise.
The Lean / Six Sigma practice at XONITEK focuses on continuously improving the movement of products or services within an organization, along the value stream, to make that movement as efficient as possible. Our method involves the strategic application of statistical analysis to maintain process control, yielding a higher quality product – and creating an environment for superior performance in a global economy. XONITEK utilizes software as a facilitator in achieving our overall continuous improvement goals. One of the software tools we utilize is Palisade’s @RISK as it is the perfect companion in developing our Lean & Six Sigma models.

Robert Clarke
Mailing address
20-24 Wall Street
Binghamton, NY 13901



Palisade Latinoamérica
+1 607 277 8000 x318
800 432 RISK (EEUU/Canadá)
+1 607 277 8001 fax
130 East Seneca Street
Suite 505
Ithaca, NY 14850
Palisade EMEA & India
+44 1895 425050
Palisade Asia-Pacific
+61 2 9252 5922
Palisade アジア・
Palisade Brasil
+1 607 277 8000